Gold Rate In Kerala

Gold Rate In Kerala

Gold Rate In Kerala

Today’s Live Gold Rate In Kerala, Kerala is one of the largest markets for gold, and growing prosperity is driving growth in demand. Gold has a central role in Kerala’s culture, considered a store of value, a symbol of wealth and status and a fundamental part of many rituals. Among Kerala’s rural population, a deep affinity for gold goes hand in hand with practical considerations of the portability and security of jewellery as an investment.

Gold Rate In Kerala

Today Gold Rate In Kerala – 32,700.00

Yesterday Gold Rate In Kerala – ₹ 30,590.00

The people of Kerala have been attached with gold and have been for centuries. As an investment choice for many cultural, historical and religious reasons, gold was given major importance by our ancestors. Apart from this, the limited investment options available to the common man till the arrival of modern stock marketers and large financial institutions, investment in gold also made a practical meaning.

Best Place To Buy Gold In Kerala?

In Kerala has a number of gold shops. Kerala State Every big city including Cochin, Thiruvanthapuram, Calicut have plenty of gold shops, the more popular shops include Malabar Gold, Joy Alukkas, Jos Alukkas etc.

Here are some of the more prominent gold jewellery place in Kerala. Best Gold Rate In Kerala In This Place.

Visit For Check Today Live Gold Rate In A. Geeri Pai Jewellers Kerala

Address :

Civil Lane Road, Palarivattom,

Ernakulam, Cochin, India 682025

+91 484 404 2020, +91 90480 50002
Check Today Live Gold Rate In Kerala Alankar Jewellery
Changanassery, Kerala 686101
Contact Us – 094475 73198


Today Golda Rate in Kerala Alapatt Fashion Jewellery

Address : Kottayam, Kerala

098957 34977


Buy 22 & 24 Carat Gold In Kerala Antos Alukkas Jewellery

Adress : Thrsho Kochi, Kochi – 682001 Kochi, Kerala 682001.

Live Gold Rate In Kerala Today Per Gram 22k & 24k

Adress : Link Road, Kayamkulam, Alappuzha – 690502,

Opposite to Private Bus Stand

Phone – 9061492787

  • Ayodhya Jewellery Kerala

Live Gold Rate In Kerala

Address : Thrissur, Kerala · 0487 242 3904

  • Bhima Jewellery Kerala

Live Gold Rate In Kerala Today Per Gram 22k Bhima Jewellery

Address : Alappuzha, Kerala · 0477 225 1691

Chemmanur Fashion Jewellers Kerala

Todays Gold Rate In Kerala Live Chemmanur Fashion Jewellers

Address : Koyilandy, Kerala · 0496 262 2377

Chiriyankandath Jewellery Kerala

24 Carat Gold Rate In Kerala Today Chiriyankandath Jewellery Kerala

Address :

Municipal Office Rd, Kuruppam, Thekkinkadu Maidan,

Thrissur, Kerala 680001 ,Phone: 0487 242 1774

Malabar Gold Rate In Kerala

Address : Adoor, Kerala · 04734 223 916

Buy And Check Today Gold Rate In Kerala Joy Alukkas Jewellery

Address : Thrissur, Kerala · 0487 232 3823

  • Chungath Fashion Jewellery Kerala
  • Cyrils Jewellery Kerala
  • Everest Jewellery Kerala
  • Francis Alukkas Jewellery Kerala
  • Friends Jewellery Kerala
  • Jos Alukkas Jewellery Kerala
  • Josco Jewellers Kerala
  • Jwala Diamonds Kerala
  • Kalyan Jewellery Kerala
  • Khazana Jewellery Kerala
  • Kunnathukalathil Jewellers Kerala
  • Lakshmi Jewellery Kerala
  • Lulu Gold Jewellery Kerala
  • Meezan Gold Jewellery Kerala
  • Moozhayil Jewellery Kerala
  • Nakshathra Diamond Jewellery Kerala
  • Parakkat Jewellers Kerala
  • Paul Alukkas Jewellery Kerala
  • Prakkat Jewellers Kerala
  • Rajan Jewellery Kerala
  • Riti Jewellery (Manappuram Jewellers Ltd) Kerala
  • Sky Jewellery Kerala
  • Sulthana Jewellery Kerala
  • Sunny Jacob Jewellers Kerala
  • Sunny Diamonds Kerala
  • T.T. Devassy Jewellery Kerala
  • Tanishq Jewellery Kerala
  • TBZ Jewellery Kerala
  • Thottan Jewellery Kerala
  • Thrissur Fashion Jewellery Kerala
  • Vanitha Jewellery Kerala
  • VNM Diamond Jewellery Kerala
  • Woodlands Jewellery Kerala
  • Zella Diamonds Kerala

They are best place in kerala to puchease a gold . visit and check your best price.

When does Kerala buy gold

The merriage season and festivals time – Navratri, Diwali/Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya,  New Year and Makara Sankranthi , Naming Ceremony are the big gold purchasing festivals in Kerala.

Other popular function/festivals for buying gold are birthdays and anniversaries and gifting functions.

Factors That Affect Gold Rate In kerala

  • Interest rates
  • Government policies
  • Demand for the precious metal
  • Local factors

24karat gold In Kerala

24karat gold is also called pure gold or 100% gold. Pure Gold means that all 24 parts in the gold are all pure gold without traces of any other metals. It is known to be 99.9% pure and takes on a distinct bright yellow colour. There is no higher form of gold than 24karat and you must be aware of this before you go to a shop who might tell you that they’re selling you 25karat or 26karat gold. Since this is the purest form of gold, it is naturally more expensive than 22karat or 18karat gold. Check 24 Carat Gold Rate In Kerala

22karat gold

22karat gold jewellery implies that 22 parts of the jewellery amount to gold and the balance 2 parts are some other metals. This type of gold is normally used in jewellery making. In 22karat gold, of the 100%, only 91.67% is pure gold. Check 22carat gold Rate In Kerala

18karat gold

18karat gold is 75% gold mixed with 25% of other metals like copper or silver etc. Usually studded jewellery and other diamond jewellery is made in 18Karat gold. This kind of gold is less expensive compared to 24Karat and 22Karat. Check 18carat gold rate in kerala

Tips for Kerala Gold Buyers

24 karat = 99.5% pure gold and above
22 karat = 91.7 % gold
18 karat = 75.0 % gold
14 karat = 58.3 % gold
12 karat = 50.0 % gold
10 karat = 41.7 % gold


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